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Erk's Adventure: Baker's Counter Attack [Apr. 14th, 2007|01:35 am]
Southern Frontier Defense Force

Upon looking through an old back-up CD of mine, I managed to find back-up copies of WhiteRose's English translation of "Erk's Adventure: Baker's Counter Attack" which I had up on an old Ace shrine I once ran, but lost the html files for. As we all know, "Erk's Adventure" was a series of books that Ace wrote in Suikoden III. (If you missed out on those during your play-through, I believe someone transcribed Ace's novels and posted them up on GameFaqs.com)

"Erk's Adventure: Baker's Counter Attack" is a sequel to Ace's series in-game, and was only available for a short time on Konami's Official Japanese page when Suikoden III was new. (If it's still up there or not, I have no clue.)

Anyhow, I reuploaded WhiteRose's translation onto my webspace for all of you who missed out on it 3 years ago! Enjoy! Here's the link. (Note: Unfortunately, I lost contact with WhiteRose before the Final Episode was released, so only 1-12 were translated.)

Episode 5-6 is written by "Jet the Hellfire" (whoever the hell that is), and Episode 10 is written by "Q", who is obviously Queen. :P

X-posted onto suikoh0, so if you have both communities on your f-list, apologies in advance for the spam. :)
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All SFDF characters are available [May. 14th, 2006|04:37 pm]
Southern Frontier Defense Force

I hope it's all right to post this here, if not then just delete it. ^^;

Gensosuikoden: Gathering Chaos
Suikoden (I - IV, Gaiden, Tactics
Applications -

Gather The StarsCollapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 23rd, 2005|01:36 pm]
Southern Frontier Defense Force

[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |La Mer- Coba]

'Ello darlings. I've just joined this wonderful looking community and I thought I'd just say hi...


So hi! My name is Pho, I'm a Suikoden nut (probably like most of you here) and I hope to get to know you all here because, you know, the Southern Frontier Defense Force is just so cool. Well, that's my introduction. Later!

(P.S: My favourite SFDF member is Geddoe. Eyepatch love...)
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After S3. [Dec. 9th, 2004|04:49 pm]
Southern Frontier Defense Force
Hm. A question.

As we know, Hikuusak/Harmonia is trying to collect all of the 27 True Runes. With our lovely Geddoe being in possession of one, what do you think Harmonia will do to obtain it? Will the TLR be taken, now that Harmonia via Sasarai knows that it is a possession of one their mercenary unit commmanders?

What do the members of this community think? *trying to inject life into community*
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New member. [Sep. 15th, 2004|05:02 pm]
Southern Frontier Defense Force
[mood |lazylazy]

Hello, hello. I'm here joining the community. (When I really should be studying biology. ._.;;)

The obligatory 'my favorite character spiel.'Collapse )
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I'm new~! *throws confetti* [Sep. 14th, 2004|04:31 pm]
Southern Frontier Defense Force

[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Mizu no Akashi - Tanaka Rie]

Helllooo~! 'Tis Meg, a rabid Suikoden fan! The Southern Frontier Defense Force RULES! XD Go Ace! And Jacques! :D While I love the other groups (like the Zexen Knights & such) the SFDF is the only group that just has so much humor! ^^; I mean, hardly anyone other than the SFDF guys make sarcastic commnets and the like. This coupled with the fact that the SFDF tend to be more realistic, is why *I* think the SFDF is one of the best Suikoden groups ever. Of course, the fact that they have Jacques in their group is also a very good reason too. :P
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Hi~! [Jun. 30th, 2004|10:38 pm]
Southern Frontier Defense Force

[mood |ditzyditzy]

Hello! I guess the main reason why I like the sfdf is because I think that out of all the character "groups" in Suikoden 3, the sfdf has the most realistic characters. Unlike the Zexen Knights or Hugo, the sfdf (to me) seems to be composed of more "human" characters. I'm not saying that the others aren't human; well, technically they aren't, it's just that the members of the sfdf seem more average-everyday-ish....ah, you know what I'm trying to say.
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Erk's Adventure: Baker's Counter Attack [Oct. 19th, 2003|10:30 pm]
Southern Frontier Defense Force

[mood |accomplished]

Okay, I finally managed to update my Ace shrine. I was able to post up translations of Erk's Adventure: Baker's Counter Attack. WhiteRose from The Castle forums let me post em up. Enjoy!

Erk's Adventure: Baker's Counter Attack

The word usage may sound weird, but it's Ace's way of writing. Episode 10 explains it all. >:D

Ace is so cool. :P
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just curious... [Oct. 14th, 2003|06:28 pm]
Southern Frontier Defense Force

[mood |curiouscurious]

Why do you think that Duke hates Geddoe so much...?
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(no subject) [Oct. 13th, 2003|06:36 pm]
Southern Frontier Defense Force

[mood |floaty]

Hey, I just joined a couple of days ago but never had time to introduce myself ^^;; Anyway, I'm Nanami =)

The 12th unit is my favorite unit out of the SFDF hee hee. My favorite character? I guess its obvious that it's Geddoe. I also like Jacques and Queen. Joker and Ace are alright but if I had to pick favorites it would be those three..

and um, that's that I guess ^^ I'm really bad with introduction entries hee
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